When it comes to our home design solutions, we at LDK by Bartolo are here for you.

We at LDK by Bartolo pride ourselves in the fact that we do not just present you with a choice of bespoke furniture pieces, but also with stellar home design services. Presenting you with a choice of guidance services that will provide you with a holistic and homely space, truly representative of your element.

With our home design solutions you can rest assured that your residence will become a presentable, well organised and highly efficient space for you. Through our services you can forget any of the hassle or stress that you encounter when trying to design your space on your own.

Leave the headaches to us, and focus on the stuff that truly matters to you. Through the services that we at LDK by Bartolo present you with, you will be able to enjoy your peace of mind as we work hard towards delivering you with a personalised designed living space that will suit your lifestyle to a tee. Invest in a better lifestyle and an organised home with us.


Efficient space usage

Efficient space usage

increased aesthetic value

Increased aesthetic value

holistic balance between structure & design

Holistic balance between structure and design

home matches your lifestyle

Home matches your lifestyle

spatial harmony around the house

Spatial harmony around the house

financial & design

Financial and design flexibility

personalised space

Personalised space

appealing living area

Appealing living area

picture-perfect results

Picture-perfect results

We present you with a complete service

We at LDK by Bartolo do not just present you with a choice of benefits. When you order any room design with us, we will present you with a free AutoCAD design. These designs are presented upon every order confirmation that we get.

We use specialised manufacturing technology

When it comes to our custom created designs, we at LDK by Bartolo can present you with a range of endless possibilities. We use an advanced manufacturing technology called CNC. This nifty creation provides us with the ability of creating exact designs with no room for mistakes. 

With CNC you are able to get a range of complex shapes which are at times impossible to create manually. The machine can quite literally work around the clock, meaning that it provides us with high reliability and less labour.

This machinery is famous for providing furniture creators around the world with a high scalability assurance while presenting them with clear cut precision components. It eliminates human error and achieves highly accurate results every time

A uniform product in a short amount of time

CNC is known for presenting its users with exact output results. It guarantees you a perfect match to any prototype’s specifications and can work with a range of sizes and textures. At LDK by Bartolo we use the CNC machinery to present you with picture perfect pieces that are produced in a shorter amount of time.


Unblemished results

Due to the fact that CNC uses computerised technology, you can rest assured that it can provide us with precise results every time.

Bespoke and complicated designs

More elaborate designs can be created when using CNC, eliminating any room for error by a large number.

Can be used continuously

CNC machines are notoriously famous for being able to produce items and designs non-stop.

No need for extra machinery

Forget manual lathes or milling machines, with CNC technology you can rest assured that your product will be made using minimal amounts of machinery.

It can produce exact replicas every time

You can get exact multiple designs, unlike manual production. Ideal for anyone looking to get matching items.

It gives us endless possibilities

With CNC we get a broad capability when it comes to the creation of furniture. It is an exceptional machine that will provide you with amazing results.

Everything is possible

With CNC we can produce any shape in any size. It also provides us with exact precise placement markings, leaving little room for error.

It can do almost anything

From texturing to contouring, cutting, drilling and grinding, the CNC truly provides us with never-ending achievability.

Revive your old furniture with LDK by Bartolo


We at LDK by Bartolo also offer our clients services in upholstery. Whether you have an old sofa or ottoman you hold dear that needs a makeover, or you simply want to revamp your dining room chairs, we are here to help.

There’s no need to break up with your beloved antiques

We at LDK by Bartolo believe that when something is broken, it is best to fix it. We can give your old or antique pieces new life with our reupholstering services. Whether your old pieces look worse for wear or you want to restore them to their former glory, we are here to help

Make the most out of your high quality pieces

Forget buying dispensable furniture, there’s nothing quite as beautiful as having a priced solid-wood framed set of glorious looking dining room chairs in your kitchen, trust us. 

If you are looking for a modern upgrade, we can provide you with a range of modern and sleek looking fabrics for your pieces that will make your home look like an interior designer’s ultimate fantasy.

On the other hand if you are more interested in keeping faithful with the original design, at LDK by Bartolo you can get a choice of classical and unique fabric styles hand picked just for you.

Luxury designs curated with love

Our luxury furniture is created with expert design and bona fide expertise. If you are looking for both style and comfort, we at LDK by Bartolo are here to make both easily achievable for you. 

Our mission is that of presenting you with a choice of beautiful interiors for you to discover and give a loving home to. From the world’s finest brands to our very own artisans, we can present you with chic and inspirational pieces for your home.

Create that lush aesthetic you have been pining for with our luxury interior design furniture and bespoke one of a kind pieces.

For a high end finish that will turn any home into a stylish dream, through our incredible pieces you can turn your living space into a true force of paramount style and transcendent refinement.