We do not just make furniture, we at LDK by Bartolo are visionaries, creators and inventors.

LDK by Bartolo is a family-run company that was established over 40 years ago in Malta. From our humble beginnings, we became one of the forerunners on the island when it comes to providing household and commercial furniture to our clients. We present you with a variety of superior quality and highly admirable furniture which ranges in designs from voguish styles to more classical designs. We offer you a choice of designs and bespoke products for the home or any other public establishment. At LDK by Bartolo you can get a variety of furnishings ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, offices and living rooms. We also build a range of custom made furniture pieces for restaurants, bars, hotels and nightclubs.

We cater for anyone who is looking for distinctive compositions

We have always strived towards presenting our clientele with an assortment of custom made furniture articles, whether you are looking for a striking wall unit, a noticeable kitchen or a delicate and timeless bedroom, with LDK by Bartolo you are sure to turn your dreams into a tangible reality.


Our team of capable craftsmen can create a choice of designs that vary in colour, shape, wood type and even style. We supply our clients with a choice of fabrics ideal for upholstery and other projects

If you are looking to style your home with unique pieces but are still at a loss on what you really want, we at LDK by Bartolo can help you identify your needs in the best way possible.

Individual designs created using precision techniques and high quality materials

Our designs are not made just to present you with an eclectic choice of styles, but also to present you with a functional space that suits your lifestyle in a detailed manner.

This is done using advanced technologies such as the CNC machinery available in our workshop. CNC is a computerised tool that can create a range of high precision furniture forms. When one uses CNC to compose furniture, they are guaranteed an exact design that is done in a meticulous manner, with little to no room for error.

CNC can give you the ability of knowing beforehand where holes need to be drilled in an accurate and systematic fashion.


Luxury Furniture

We at LDK by Bartolo believe in not just presenting you with stunning pieces, but with ones that are made with finesse.

Innovative Designs

Our job is that of offering you a choice of inspiring furniture pieces that are created to instill originality.

Precise Constructions

Our designs are constructed using CNC machinery, meaning that there is no room for mistakes in our productions.

High Quality Materials

We aim towards using materials of the finest quality and the highest standards.

Professional Renovations

We offer our clients the option of getting any furniture piece which they hold close to heart restored or renovated.

Distinctive Craftsmanship

At LDK by Bartolo, we take pride in the fact that even though we use modern equipment, we still hold dear traditional craftsmanship.